RCM Building Closure Tech Update

The goal of this article is to provide you with tech resources to support you with remote learning during the RCM building closure.

How to contact support?

For Immediate Assistance, use our Virtual Office (help.suzorit.com)
For items that do not need to be resolved immediately use:
Text/Call: 978-633-0090


How can I boost/improve my home WiFi?
Please check out our Troubleshoot Home Internet ⚙️  article for help with troubleshooting your home internet/home WiFi. If you have Spectrum, Xfinity, or a fiber internet connection you can skip to section (2).

What if my device breaks? 
During COVID, we have been performing curbside Chromebook/device repairs at the school. Please reach out to us via one of the support channels and we will schedule a repair. Repairs are typically completed the same day.

What happens if a student cannot make it to the school for repair?
If a student cannot make it to the school for a Chromebook repair, we will go to their house and repair/replace their device curbside. These repairs typically take 2-3 days as they are the last resort.

I need support right away, how do I get that?
We have a virtual office that can be joined by any smartphone, laptop, or most internet-connected devices. Simply go to help.suzorit.com and click on the "Virtual Office" tile. You will get a live tech right away.



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