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What can Suzor IT do to help when it comes to home WiFi?

Our team is very limited in what we can do in terms of solving home internet challenges. However, as tech-minded people, we can recommend the proper hardware configurations and provide clear direction on best practices.

Section 1

The goal of section 1 is to determine who the best provider is for your area.

  1. Check with Xfinity or Spectrum to see if they service your area
  2. Call your Town Office to see if your Town is rolling out a Town funded fiber optic network
  3. Check your cell service with both AT&T and Verizon (you may need to phone a friend to stop by if you do not have both carriers in your family). If you get 2+ bars of 4G LTE service on a cell phone outside, a hotspot may be an option.
  4. No cell service with both providers/no other options? Skip to Section 3.

Live West of Greenfield?

Reach out to Hilltown Networks for a 4G LTE home internet solution.

Section 2

If you made it to section 2, we believe you have an issue with your internal home WiFi. This is not an issue with your internet provider. You need to upgrade the WiFi hardware within your house.

Mesh WiFi Solutions

Not likely an issue - Modem Solutions (please check with your internet provider)

  • ARRIS SURFboard 3.1
  • NETGEAR Nighthawk 3.1

Section 3

If you have made it to section 3, there isn't anything that can be done from the school's IT to resolve your connection issue. Please contact the school to coordinate getting to an internet hub. Some suggestions from our team to start working on a long term solution for your area are:


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