Google Sheets 📊

Create a New Google Sheet - 0:25

To create a new Sheet from Google Drive:

  1. Click on "New"
  2. Click on "Google Sheet"
  3. Select "Blank spreadsheet" or "From a template"

To create a new Sheet from Sheets Homepage:

  1. Click on the all apps button (the waffle)
  2. Click on "Google Sheets"
  3. Select "Blank presentation" or "From a template"

You can also use SHIFT+S inside Google Drive

Navigation, sharing, and functions - 1:10

This section goes over the navigation and basic functions available in Google Sheets. This goes over topics such as:

  • Version history
  • Managing freezing rows
  • Adding content & formating
 Formatting - 3:40

This section will go over features such as:

  • Auto expand columns to the width of text
  • Center align text
  • Creating a drop-down menu
  • Conditional Formating
  • Using "COUNTIF" Formula
Pivot Tables - 0:05

This section goes over how to use pivot tables to analyze data.

VLOOKUP - 2:15
This section goes over how to use a VLOOKUP to look up information within a sheet


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