Gmail ✉️

General Navigation - 0:15

This section goes over basic navigation/features such as:

  • Locking/unlocking side menu
  • Star an email
  • Viewing common folders
  • Email reply options
  • Archiving, trash, report as spam
  • Snoozing email
  • Add to task 
Organizing Email with Labels - 4:00

This section goes over how to create a label to organize your email.

 General Email Settings - 5:20

This section will walk you through the basic settings within Gmail. This will allow you to change how your inbox is configured.

Email Templates - 0:05

This section goes over how to create email templates in Gmail.

Compose Email Options - 1:05
Learn how to do things such as:
  • Attach Files
  • Add emojis
  • Send emails via Confidential Mode 
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