Google Drive 💾

Create a Folder - 0:40


  1. Click on the "New" button
  2. Select "Folder"
  3. Name your folder

You can also create a folder by using the shortcut "SHIFT + F"

Set Folder Color - 1:03


  1. Right-click on a folder
  2. Navigate to "Change Color"
  3. Select the color you wish to use
Add Files to Google Drive - 1:18
  • Click on the "New" button then "File upload" to upload individual files
  • Click on the "New" button then "Folder upload" to upload entire folders
  • Click on the "New" button then Doc or Sheet or Slide to create a Google Document

Here are the shortcuts to create new Google Documents in Google Drive

  • SHIFT + T to create a Doc
  • SHIFT + S to create a Sheet
  • SHIFT + P to create a Slide
Move a File Within Drive - 2:50
  1. Right-click on the file
  2. Select the "Move to"
  3. Select the folder you wish to move it to

You can alternatively drag and drop the file to the folder you wish to move it to.

Share a Folder/File With Someone - 3:08
  1. Right-click on the folder or file
  2. Select "Share" to open the sharing menu
  3. Type in the name/email address of the person you wish to share a file with OR select Get Link to share with anyone via a link (security risk, be mindful)
Additional Drive Menu Options - 3:50
  • Shared Drives - think of these as binders that are shared with the team
  • Shared with me - this is a location to find any files that were shared with you
  • Recent - all of the files you have recently created/accessed
  • Starred - all of your starred files
  • Trash - all of the files you have moved to the trash, this automatically empties every 30 days
Folder/File Details & Activity - 4:18
  1. Click on the folder
  2. Use the "i" button to view details about the folder
  3. Select the "Activity" tab to view all recent activity
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