Small Business Guide For Going Digital

This guide was created to help small businesses adapt as quickly as possible to the new economy that is coming. The apps listed here are apps that are highly recommended by our company (a small business too). Our team either uses the apps on a daily basis or supports them through our clients. We hope this list helps! If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us.

The "non-negotiable" tools for the 21st century

Professional Email and Secure Document Storage

Reliable and secure networking for your team & customers (see our video)

  • Your customers will expect reliable and easy to use Guest WiFi, this means no password
  • You will need your customers to be connected to support modern business operations

Apps to Run Your Business

Other Great Tools

    • One of the most universal apps we have ever seen!
    • Ideal for inventory, process management, etc.
  • Loom
    • Great for creating short how-to videos for customers or the team
  • Textline
    • Great app to move customer support and communicating to texting
    • Integrates into Facebook Messenger, gives you one platform to talk to customers
  • Intercom
    • Great for more complex support needs
    • Offers support bots to automate support
  • SquareSpace
    • Simple website builder
  • Wix
    • Easy drag and drop website builder



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