Virtual Workout Guide

The goal of this guide is to provide resources for Physical Education Teachers, Strength Coaches, and Fitness Instructors to help facilitate virtual workouts.


In an effort to help maintain the mental and physical well being of our team, Suzor IT started running virtual workouts for our team. The workouts are 15-20 minutes and run Monday through Thursday just before lunch. We feel the program has been a success for our team and we hope by sharing the details and tools being used we can bring a positive impact to more people.

Our team works with Coach Adams (Nick Adams) who is our team's wellness coach. Prior to the stay at home order, Coach Adams would work with our team by going to the gym with them, planning workouts, or having a general conversation about wellness. With the stay at home order, we needed to quickly change the way our wellness program operated. We are pleased to share with you a simple solution that was created by Coach Adams.

We encourage you to follow Coach Adams on social media:
Instagram: @coach___adams

Core Resources

  1. Google Meet  - used for virtual workout
  2. Google Keep - used to display the workout
  3. Tobata Timer  - used for workout timer

Example of our workout

Our team recorded one of our workouts to make available to you. We hope this recording helps give you a better idea of what it's like to take part in one of these workouts. 



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