Business Phone System

When it comes to phone systems, you can spend hours or even days researching to try and find the right one. Our team has experience working with systems designed for 5 phones all the way up to 400 phones and there is only one solution that we found to be a clear leader.

Our recommendation

We recommend small businesses use Vonage for Business. Vonage is an industry leader when it comes to Cloud Hosted phone systems. We have implemented their phone system for numerous organizations and have seen great results! If you are looking to get 1 or even 100 phone lines set up, Vonage for Business is the clear leader.

  • Simple & Scalable: Vonage has made setting up your business phone system as easy as setting up an iPhone. Vonage has an easy to use app store that lets you add/remove features as you need them.
  • Reliable: Vonage comes with a 99.999% reliability rating. We trust Vonage so much that we use them with Public Safety departments.
  • Mobile: Vonage has focused on its mobile app which allows you to take your business phone system with you anywhere! The mobile app allows you to separate work and personal calls, texts, and voicemails.

Suzor IT is a partner with Vonage. This means you can work with us to get your business set up with a business phone system. Please use the "Submit a Request" button to get started.

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