Mahar Hybrid Tech FAQ

I heard other schools are having internet issues, will we?

Not likely, and here is why:

  • The school has an internet capacity of 1,000Mbps
  • During a "normal" school day, the school used anywhere from 300-400Mbps at peak hours
  • During remote learning school days, the school used anywhere from 100-150Mbps at peak hours

We will proactively monitor the internet usage and make changes as necessary. If capacity is maxed out, we can double our capacity with a simple phone call to Spectrum.

Should all my in-person students join the Google Meet? 

No, we suggest projecting the virtual students on the board via the projector. When you need to present material, present your entire screen to the virtual class in Google Meet then minimize the virtual students and present your material.

I am getting feedback in my class, what is going on?

There is most likely an in-person student that joined your virtual class. Please ask them to leave the virtual class. 

What happens if a student forgets their Chromebook or a charger?

Until further notice, please join our virtual office ( and notify us. We will drop off a device (if there is a loaner available).

As we collect back devices from grades 7 & 10, we will place loaners in your classroom. First batch of devices goes out on Friday the 22nd.


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