Intro to G Suite Essentials 💡

This series gives you a step by step guide on all of the features and functions within G Suite. Here is the order you should follow along:

  1. Gmail (cloud email)
  2. Google Drive (cloud file storage)
  3. Google Docs (similar to Word)
  4. Google Slides (similar to PowerPoint)
  5. Google Sheets (similar to Excel)
  6. Google Calendar (digital agenda)
  7. Google Chat & Meet (instant messaging & video conferencing)
  8. Google Classroom (deliver content)
  9. Google Jamboard (virtual whiteboard)
  10. Google Forms/Quiz for Teachers
  11. Google Forms/Quiz for Students
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  • Will there be a tutorial on Google Classroom?  

  • Hi Jennifer, yes! Google Classroom, Jamboard, Quiz, and more will be coming out in the next few weeks.

  • Do you have a hyperlink that we can share with students and their families that will bypass the sign-in screen?

  • Hi Tammy, not at this time. The students can use their school account to login, if a parent needs help, please have them reach out to us. They can text 978-633-0090 (this has been very popular with parents) or email

    I will also add this feedback to our feedback document as we continue to build out these trainings!

  • Adam, How would you like families to contact you if they have tech problems that they can't solve on their own?  Should they use the contact information sent last night plus the Facebook messenger?  Would you want them to use this chat? It might be helpful for classroom teachers to have document with just Family/ Guardian Suzor Contact information.

    Thanks, Sharon

  • Sorry just saw the above options. Is their a number they can call, texting can be a problem in Colrain.  THX!



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